VIVITnet event discovery service for mobile users

SONY DSCVIVITnet aims at developing an event discovery service for mobile users tuned towards their current mood and preferences. The solution basically answers to the questions “what interesting events are going on now or later tonight in Paris? Which ones are in my reach? Is there place available? Can I purchase a last minute ticket? …”. The service is specially geared to the needs of adventurous consumers – visitors/tourists or local citizens – cruising alone or in groups through Paris seeking for the most fun afternoon, evening or night experience.

The Covid and its restrictions of public life has put the cultural life on a hold and is badly hurting the moral of those who love to go out. For addressing this new situation and proposing solutions, VIVITnet has participated in setting up and has become a member of the  Carousel project. We proudly announce researching solutions, using AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality) for allowing people,  who are possibly not in the same space, to dance and party together.  Please see more about Carousel on our project website https://www.CarouselDancing.org.