Our Team

Pieter van der Linden

Co-founder, President and CTO.

An entrepreneurial minded engineer with solid experience in product and service development, software engineering and project management.

Pieter has been researcher at INRIA, has participated in several startups (GIPSI S.A., GC Tech, GlobeID software) and has been R&I lab manager at Technicolor.

Pieter van der Linden graduated from Polytechnique and ENST.

Email : pieter@vivitnet.com


Carmen Mac Williams

Co-Founder, Managing Director.

Artistic Entrepreneur experienced in creative strategies and user activation.

Carmen has worked for DEC, Prokoda, Metabox, Laboratory of Mixed Realities at KHM in Cologne and founded the media companies Transcontent and Grassroots Arts.

Carmen Mac Williams graduated from City University of New York and studied International Law at NY Law School and University of Bonn and Cologne.

Email : carmen@vivitnet.com


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